Gladstone Robotics

YES we are team number 2 (there are 5300+ active teams in the world)

We are a high school based robotics competitive team that has 20 teams with students from grade 8 to 12.

We have won a few trophies over the last 5 years (from Sept 2007 to May 2012)

Gladstone Robotics Trophy selection
Gladstone 2008 – 2011 Robotics Trophy selection

We have gone to the World Championships five years in a row now! (and have qualified 6 years in a row now)
Altanta GA…2008 721 and 722 (our old numbers) (this was last year of FIRST for us) both made the playoffs

Dallas TX……2009 721, 722 and 859 and 892 no play offs but 5th in driver challange and programming challenge

Dallas TX……2010 721 and 2 Z both made the play offs.

Oralando FL..2011 2A 2K 2N 2X
2K was our first Alliance Captain at the worlds (made it to the Semi-finals)
2A Came in 2nd in the World in Programming

Anaheim CA.. 2012 2012 2A 2D 2W 2Z …

2W High school World Champions (thank you 569 and 2900)

2D High school World Finalists (thank you 10 and 1973)




Trophies from the 2011 season
Trophies from the 2011 season