Great Results from the BCSO

The Robosavages had a great first tournament this season.  The event was held at Enver Creek Secondary in Surrey B.C. and they even did a better job than last year at hosting PYRS first event of the BC season.

This was the earliest an event has been organized in the our area, but even so, we saw 45 teams from around the province and Washington state participating.

We sent 9 of Gladstone’s 20 robotic teams and the results were as follows

8 of our 9 teams made the A side playoffs (top 24 teams)
First place alliance  with 2 Gladstone teams (2 K and 2 D )and 1 Enver Creek Team
Second place alliance with 2 Gladstone teams ( 2 Z and 2 H ) and 1 Exothermic Team (Redmond Washington)
We also won
The programming skills 2D
The robot skills 2k
The Create award 2N
The Design award 2K
and the overall Excellence Award to 2 Z
There were many adult volunteers from all over and lots of of student volunteers from the host school but we also had a few of our own.  We had a volunteer work running the skills challenge and 5 volunteers helping to run the queuing for all teams…nice work everyone
Thanks as always to our sponsor’s and our next tournament is on Nov 16th in Richmond at McMath Secondary.