Robosavages’ VEX Toss Up BC Season Review

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With the conclusion of the VEX Toss Up season in BC, the Gladstone Robosavages have finished the year with a total of 48 awards from 7 different tournaments.

Trophy Count per Team:

  • 2K – 13
  • 2D – 11
  • 2N – 5
  • 2X – 4
  • 2Z – 4
  • 2A – 2
  • 2M – 2
  • 2W – 2
  • 2T – 1
  • 2F – 1
  • 2H – 1

Season at a Glance:

  • The Robosavages were tournament champions at all the tournaments that they attended in BC with the winning alliance having at least 2 Robosavages teams.
  • The Robosavages were awarded with the top robot skills, the excellence award, and the design award at every tournament they attended in BC.
  • Almost half the trophies in BC have be awarded to the Robosavages.
  • 10 teams from BC have qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships, 4 of which are the Robosavages.
  • The Robosavages have won the Excellence Award at the Pacific Northwest Regional Championships for 3 years.
  • Team 2K holds a spot in the top 30 in robot skills.
  • A Robosavages team has been on the first seed alliance at every tournament that they attended.

It has been an amazing year for us but we couldn’t have done it without our supporters. All that’s left now is the greatest challenge that we will face this year: the VEX Robotics World Championships. We will definitely be working hard for the next month in hopes that we become one of the top robotics teams, again. Let’s end this season on a high note.