World Qualification for 5th year in a Row.

Gladstone teams did great at the December 10 th tournament in Richmond B.C.

We had one team on the World qualifying side of the tournament ( ty WASABI for picking us as partners) and one team in second place (ty Exothermic!).   We had teams win the consolation finals and come in second there also.  We won one of the judges awards for engineering.

We also had 17…yes 17 teams of the 64 that were there, which is a record for our jurisdiction and maybe a Canadian record too.  We have asked VEX to see if there are any public schools in the USA that have more teams than that…maybe its a world record?…

We did qualify 2Z for the VEX Robotic World Championships, April 18 to 21st 2012, in Anahiem California at the Disneyland Convention Center.  So yes, I guess we are going to Disneyland.

This means Gladstone has qualified for the Worlds 5 years in a row…Which is a record for the Pacific Northwest and also maybe a Canadian Record…hmmm…better ask VEX if that is a world record too?.

More Details about all tournament soon to follow…

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