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Idea Factory for VEX Toss Up

Thursday night (Sept 19th) we will be hosting an idea factory in the Robo Dojo, I expect that some students and teachers from other schools will take advantage of the offer to come see the new game set up.

The room will be open from 3:30 to 8:00 pm with two rule discussions at 4 and 5 pm officially but we informal ones as the night evolves also…

Please contact me at so i know you are coming.



Welcome Back to the Robo Dojo and VEX Robotics

Summer break is over, school has started and we are back in the Robo Dojo (room V105).  We have the new game set in the room (thank you Mr Balcom) and have started building our robots for the new Toss Up game.

Over the summer our amazing students also did this welcome back video and for a brief few seconds even features our shop and a few Robosavages at the 1:07 mark

Also our first tournament is Oct 19th an we are building as fast as we can and hope to have many teams there.

Now Back to work…

3rd Place Finish at 2013 VEX World Championships

After the dust had settled the Robosavages have much to celebrate again this year.

To recap we had 5 teams playing in 5 different divisions…
3 of our teams made the playoffs ( only 25% of teams make it to the playoffs)(and we have made the playoffs in 5 of the 6 years we have gone)
1 of our teams won the Engineering division
1 of our teams came 3rd in the world.
We also won the Engineering Division Create award and the Science Division Teamwork award.  These are both the first time for us winning those kind of awards when at the worlds.
So thank you very much to all of our families and our sponsors to for helping us get here.
What an amazing end to an amazing year…
Thank you everyone.

From our School Site Gladstone Dominates World Robotics Championship! Anaheim, California (April 21, 2012)

Vancouver’s Gladstone Secondary School is on top of the world this weekend, after taking home first and second place finishes at the VEX Robotics World Championship. This is the first time that a Canadian team has earned the top spot, but even more remarkable is that for the winning “Robosavages” team their toughest competition came from their own classmates.

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Robosavages Win 2012 World Championship

Yes it is  true ! 2W wins the World Champions with 569 and 2900A as their alliance partners! 2D places second with team 10B and 1973 D.

Very surreal right now but take a look at the following links

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A new name?! ROBOSAVAGES

Gladstone robotics, will refer to its teams as Robosavages.   The name change is to differentiate us from other schools named Gladstone (there are a few) and most importantly to pay tribute to Mr Michael Savage, a former teacher at Gladstone who worked with Mr Ablett to start our engineering classes which lead to our participation in VEX robotics.  Mr Savage passed away in 2004 after a battle with cancer. 

World Qualification for 5th year in a Row.

Gladstone teams did great at the December 10 th tournament in Richmond B.C.

We had one team on the World qualifying side of the tournament ( ty WASABI for picking us as partners) and one team in second place (ty Exothermic!).   We had teams win the consolation finals and come in second there also.  We won one of the judges awards for engineering.

We also had 17…yes 17 teams of the 64 that were there, which is a record for our jurisdiction and maybe a Canadian record too.  We have asked VEX to see if there are any public schools in the USA that have more teams than that…maybe its a world record?…

We did qualify 2Z for the VEX Robotic World Championships, April 18 to 21st 2012, in Anahiem California at the Disneyland Convention Center.  So yes, I guess we are going to Disneyland.

This means Gladstone has qualified for the Worlds 5 years in a row…Which is a record for the Pacific Northwest and also maybe a Canadian Record…hmmm…better ask VEX if that is a world record too?.

More Details about all tournament soon to follow…

2nd place VEX Robotics World Championships 2011 Programming Challenge

Months of work and countless hours of strategizing, designing, building and programming have lead to an amazing result.

Team 2 A placed 2nd in the world in the Programming Challenge.

They were narrowly outscored by the defending world champ and our team beat the 3rd place team by nearly 40 points.

We are very proud of the students and their efforts.

Congratulations Gladstone!